Colin P

    Colin P

    Colin was fascinated by cartoons from the first time his dad brought him home The Beano when he was old enough to read. Art and sport were where Colin excelled at school but realising he was never going to be a professional sportsman he went to art college in London.

    Colin loves music and in his spare time plays the guitar, harmonica, banjo and mandolin.

    Favourite book as a child: Rather than books, Colin always had his nose in a comic or the Eagle Annual.

    Fly a Kite

    Puppy Love

    Catch a Falling Star

    Piano Lesson

    Sheep on a Hill

    Autumn Mouse

    Milk for Breakfast

    Cat Having Toast

    Loading the Sleigh

    Santa at Door

    Thawing Out Rudolph


    Noisy Chicken


    Empty Nest


    Green Dog Thinking


    Lazy Dog

    Knocking Lamp Over


    Sleeping Pig


    Jumping Sheep

    Rabbit and Butterflies

    Running Pig

    Baker Dog

    Blue Rabbit

    Polly Bear

    Mouse Ran up the Clock