Toby M

    Toby M

    Lavishly illustrated books on fairy tales started Toby off on a career of drawing. From pictures of worlds and maps peopled by the fabulous he then moved on to ‘big men, both physically and mentally, in tights’- superheroes.

    Toby is still faithfully drawing pictures for his family in gratitude for all the patience he has demanded of them. He is also proud of his hirsuteness.

    Favourite book as a child: The Best Word Book Ever by Richard Scarry

    TV Rats

    Hercules Parrot

    Rats in the Kitchen

    The Foxes Wedding

    Pied Piper

    Fifties Childhood

    The Cod Wars

    Party Indian Style

    The Wicker Rat

    Duckie in Godalming

    View of Hong Kong

    Horse Racing

    The Royal Dot

    Pastoral Idyll

    Dr Who Before Bed